In May, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) warned that contaminants in palm oil raise potential health concerns across the board.  The EFSA panel found that the major cancer concern is over glycidyl fatty acid esters or GE, which form during food processing, or when Palm oil is refined at temperatures over 393 Fahrenheit.  Reuters News Service reports that Italy‚Äôs largest supermarket, Coop, as well as several other retailers, have removed products containing Palm oil from their shelves due to the cancer scare.

We at Futters do not have a position on the safety aspect of ingestion of palm oil.  Rather, we reiterate that we do not now, and never have used palm oil, or any other ingredient in our nut butter other than the nut, seed or legume identified on the label.  We keep it safe, by keeping it pure.


We encourage you to explore all of our natural, palm oil free nut butters on

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