We at Futter's love Walnut Butter. Of all of our organic nut butters, walnut butter is one of the most popular and most healthy for you! Here are four facts about walnut butter that'll make you feel great for making it a part of your diet!

1. Full of Alpha-linoleic acid

An omega 3 fatty acid, this important building block in our bodies can only be gathered from OUTSIDE of it. That's right, our bodies do not produce alpha-linoleic acid, so we must get this important nutrient from foods, such as walnut butter

2. Puts the "Phyt" back in Phytochemicals


Phytochemicals are part of your bodies natural calming system that have been present as a compound in a variety of anti-inflammatory studies and allows your immune system to activate only when necessary. Even the American Cancer society recommends eating walnuts as a way to get this nutrient, instead of phytochemical supplements. 

3. They can literally save your life

As part of the studies referenced above, walnuts were found to reduce mortality rates for those who eat them regularly. As part of your daily diet, walnuts and walnut butter can be eaten as snacks between meals, or ground up in a cereal or porridge. Speaking of walnuts, 

4. They make great and tasty blends

Here at Futters, we've found Walnuts in particular create an excellent blend foundation; they provide a smooth even consistency that mixes wonderfully with chocolate and maple. The chocolate blend is particularly tasty all by itself! 



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Angela DeFranco

Written by Angela DeFranco

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